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Appleton Estate Signature (200ml)

If you are looking for the best, aged rum to try on your trip to Jamaica, then Appleton rums are the way to go! Appleton Estate Signature Blend is full-bodied, medium-sweet rum with a delicious blend of 15 aged golden rums aged in oak barrels in Jamaica’s tropical climate before blending.

BEAT (Sumfest Transportation Package)

Dive into Reggae Sumfest with round-trip airport transfers and TWO nights of party transportation. Experience the festival’s vibrant energy without any hassle.

Perfect for a quick and thrilling festival escape.

Blue Mountain Coffee Roasted & Ground (113g)

This is for our coffee lovers. Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the best coffees in the world! Its taste is rich and heavenly with a sweet floral aroma. Before it finds its way to your cup, this coffee is made from beans that have been harvested for close to a year. Its taste makes it worth it!

Bottled Water (330ml)

876 water is a perfectly alkaline spring water with no additives bottled straight from the source of blue mountains, Jamaica.

Coca-Cola (355ml)

Not feeling for anything alcoholic? Coca-Cola is a refreshing world-wide carbonated soft drink love both by kids and adults.

Cold Coconut

Pre-order and enjoy a freshly chopped chilled coconut jelly upon pick-up! It’s a refreshing and delicious treat that is perfect for hot days in the Caribbean.




Experience the wonders of Jamaica with FIVE ALL-Inclusive PRIVATE Tours for TWO ADULTS over 3 days. Choose from 30+ thrilling adventures and immerse yourself in captivating beauty. Book now for a tranquilizing and adventurous getaway!

Island Explorer Package

Embark on a personalized Jamaican adventure with our Island Explorer Package. Dive into hidden gems on a captivating 2-day journey, experiencing THREE private tours for TWO ADULTS. Your unforgettable adventure awaits!

PULSE (Sumfest Transportation Package)

Immerse yourself with FOUR nights of party transportation with convenient round-trip airport transfers. This package also includes a thrilling excursion to explore Jamaica’s beauty.

Perfect for festival enthusiasts craving more music and adventure.

Red Stripe (Sorrel Beer) 275ml

Looking for a little less mild beer option but also with an extra oomph? Our Sorrel Beer option is just for you. With its rich crimson color and delicate aroma, Red Stripe Sorrel is an unexpected combination of beer, sorrel and ginger extracts infused with exotic spices to deliver an unforgettable taste.

Red Stripe Beer (341ml)

This is a must try on your trip to Jamaica! Red Stripe beer is Jamaica’s most popular beer which is best when served ice-cold. It’s the beer in the little stubby bottle, from an island with big spirit!

RHYTHM (Sumfest Transportation Package)

Enjoy seamless round-trip airport transfer, TWO nights of party transportation, and ONE ALL-INCLUSIVE adventurous excursion!

Balance the festival’s excitement with activities like rafting or ziplining. Ideal for those wanting a mix of music and adventure.